It is highly likely that you have noticed numerous times the word “organic” in various restaurant menus and grocery stores. You have also probably heard that organic foods are much healthier than regular foods. But, you are probably wondering, from time to time, what makes organic, non-GMO food so much better than regular food?

Well, the main difference is how these types of foods are grown. Regular foods are commonly grown with the help of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or sewage sludge. On the other hand, organic food is grown without any of these. However, the real question here is why you should start taking organic food. The purpose of this article is to delve deeper into this matter and provide some strong reasons for such a decision.

Detox you system

t5yu678yutyhFirst of all, since organic food contains no chemicals whatsoever, it will help you clean and detoxify your body from all the harmful chemicals that have entered your body through regular food. Once you stop eating genetically modified food, your body, with the help of organic food, will start expelling any remaining toxins. With this in mind, if you start taking organic food, make sure to stick with it, so as to keep your system free from pesticides and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

The quality of food

Another reason why you should switch to organic food is the fact that it is of a much higher quality. Also, many people usually say that it tastes much better, as well. One of the main reasons why farmers use chemicals and pesticides is to kill bacteria. While this is a good idea, most of the time, there are some kinds of bacteria that can stimulate the growth of some foods and aid in their development. However, when it comes to the taste, it usually boils down to personal preferences. If you want to be sure, buy two apples, one organic, one GMO. Taste them both and see which one tastes better.

Protect the environment and nature

Organic farming is extremely helpful for the preservation of the Earth and its biosphere. Organic farmers commonly rely on animal manure, companion planting, and crop rotation to grow their foods, not pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that can seriously affect the integrity and quality of the soil

Numerous studies have also shown that agriculture pollution is the single largest factor that affects the water quality of lakes and rivers. If you want the nature and the environment, support organic farmers by switching to organic food.

Reduce health risks

t5y5u768y7tj6By switching to organic foods, you will substantially improve your immune system and protect your organism from various health conditions, including cancer. Some recent studies have come to the conclusion that 50% of herbicides, 35% of insecticides and almost 90% of fungicides can contribute to the development of various types of cancer. With this in mind, it is no wonder why these pesticides are closely tied to the increasing rates of cancer cases. Also, organic foods will provide your system with a balanced intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C, as well nutrients, and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, which will significantly reduce the risks of potential chronic diseases.

As you can see, switching to organic foods can benefit pretty much everyone. You will ensure a healthier living for yourself and your family, support the organic farmers so that they can make their living, and help protect the environment.